Letterpress Love

What I Learned in My Letterpress Class at Auburn University

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Working with creatives.

Creative folk, especially the ad agency variety, are typically visionaries.  Some say we are dreamers and this too is true of our members.  Artist and Thinkers…Writers and Pixel Pushers.  Our merry band of ego-centric angst ridden artisans are the ones who create the most memorable moments in advertising history.  We push ideas and deconstruct the status quo […]

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Moments…to be found.

You just finished a 10K and that nagging knee is complaining.  You chide yourself that you should wear a knee brace but, pride and your weekend warrior persona stop you.  So, in the privacy of your Batcave  you enter the search term “knee brace for runners”.  The results are almost instantly delivered to your device.  The […]

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