Moments…to be found.

Baker Street Digital Media

You just finished a 10K and that nagging knee is complaining.  You chide yourself that you should wear a knee brace but, pride and your weekend warrior persona stop you.  So, in the privacy of your Batcave  you enter the search term “knee brace for runners”.  The results are almost instantly delivered to your device.  The choice is yours what to click but for the knee brace maker it’s their moment.

LISTEN, this is important…if you make knee braces, and even better, you have a model for runners THIS is when you want to be found.  This is your moment!

Welcome to The Zero Moment of Truth.  It’s when a searcher looks for exactly what it is you provide.


In this case the Stimulus is that nagging knee pain and the ZMOT is the search result.  For some companies a conversion may occur in a few minutes when the runner orders the knee brace from their site. For others they go to the store to purchase because they want to check sizes.  If you have built a good brace the Experience leads to word of mouth or an online review that becomes the next searcher’s ZMOT.

I would always advise a balanced media mix but, I cannot overstate the importance of being found when a search is occurring.  Carpe Momentum!

•  Thanks to Google for the ZMOT graphic.


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