So What Do Landing Pages Do?

Baker Street Digital Media

Landing Pages. What do those words even mean?

It means what it says, really. It’s a small page you land on after clicking on an ad. Usually it captures your contact information with a form by offering you something cool, or an interesting opportunity.

The power of this concept is not readily apparent in that simple statement.

What this means for you, as a business owner, is that you have the opportunity to make your sales pitch as human as possible, and as relevant as necessary. People make connections between things pretty readily, but they don’t like making large leaps of logic. When you have a web ad that talks about something specific, people expect to learn more about that topic when they click the ad. (Of note, here, is that people are not likely to click on a vague ad, since it won’t directly apply to them.) This means that when you build your web ads, you want to build landing pages on your site that go more in depth about that particular topic, with a contact form so you can follow up with them.

Layout is vital for these pages. We’ve experimented in the past and found a variety of ways that don’t work. These include being too pushy about the offer, having too much information too quickly, or having long forms. We’ve discovered that people like navigation, so they can learn more about other things on your site. They like having a video that grabs their attention, and inspires them. They like having some text that briefly explains what was in the video, and possibly expands on it slightly. And they like having an incentive for them to fill out a form with their actual contact information.

Baker Street focuses on the human aspect of marketing and advertising. We follow human behavior from start to finish and watch what works and what doesn’t. We think about how we react to ads, and see if other people seem to do the same things. We ask ourselves questions, like “Why do those analytics peak every Monday?” or “Why do we not seem to be getting the leads we want?” Some of these answers get found easily, and some take some digging, but it all drives our ads and landing pages to be even better, and more human in communication, which makes people more likely to give up their contact info so you can market to them.

So what is a Landing Page? It’s the place where the magic really starts to happen.


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