Working with creatives.

Baker Street Digital Media

Creative folk, especially the ad agency variety, are typically visionaries.  Some say we are dreamers and this too is true of our members.  Artist and Thinkers…Writers and Pixel Pushers.  Our merry band of ego-centric angst ridden artisans are the ones who create the most memorable moments in advertising history.  We push ideas and deconstruct the status quo in an effort to discover the elusive original thought that propels a campaign to the stars.  We suffer through the process of this…we stay up late…come in early…stare endlessly at walls.  Grinding.  Sketching.  Drinking.  Googling.  Desperately seeking our muse.  Only those in our ranks understand this agony.  Do you know why we do it?  We do it for you, the client.  Without you we have no glorious birthing of beauty…we cannot feed our addiction of design…we have no job.

This is our request.  A simple request.  And, for those dominated by their left brain it is a difficult request.  Here it is…Let us do our job.  You will be amazed when you let the bird fly and sing.  It is when you try to cage the bird and teach it was to speak that it dies…or possibly worse, simply exists.  We may appear aloof and distant or arrogant but, please dear client understand this is simply the defense mechanism of our breed.  We don’t generally crave the constant activity that replaces the important with the urgent so we may appear disengaged.  Nothing could be farther from the truth though.  We are constantly watching and listening gleaning insights and inspirations from our environments.  So next time you work with a creative dear client remember we truly need you and toil to deliver our vision.

•  Thanks to Helloquence & Ryan Jacques for the awesome photos!


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