Five Social Media Success Tips for Urgent Cares

In today’s marketing mix, it is no longer an option to be active on social media. More than half of the world is online and on social media. People are now starting to look at social media for information about businesses, healthcare being one of them. With that being said, social media is now required for all businesses that wish to improve their digital efforts and improve relationships with existing and new patients.

Sure, you may have a Facebook page set up for your local Urgent Care, but are you engaging in the right topics and posting relevant content? If you want to stay up to date with your latest competition, here are five helpful tips for what you should be posting to your Urgent Care Facebook page.

1. Staying up to date with current illnesses that are going around in your area.

People are often looking for information on certain illnesses on their local urgent care social media site. For example, during the flu season, post relative articles on the flu to give people a better understanding of the illness. Post helpful tips on how to prevent the flu or what to do if they suspect they have the flu. This ensures patients that you are always there to help and are aware of everything going on in your area.

2. Share helpful fitness or exercise tips along with healthy eating habits.

It is important to post and share things on your page that people are interested in reading and want to engage with. In today’s world, people are so infatuated with their personal health and how certain health habits affect them in the long run. When people think of urgent cares, they also think of overall health, so posting articles related to all forms of health is beneficial to your business.

3. Participate in monthly give-aways.

Keep your fans active on your social media page and get the word out about your business by doing giveaways. Ask people to like and share your post on whatever it is you are wanting to give away — gift cards are a big hit — and then set the date when the winner will be selected and announced. Everyone loves a giveaway so you would be surprised by how much engagement your business will get by giving back to your fans.

4. Participate in the different health awareness months.

Participating in health awareness months shows your fans and local community that you care. For example, you might have seen many businesses participate in American Heart Month for the month of February. It is important to participate in these to make your business more personable.

5. Post articles on common childhood illnesses and how to keep germs away.

Parents are always concerned about their child’s health. It is no secret that kids get sick all the time. By posting articles and putting up posts related to childhood illnesses you are keeping parents engaged on your social site and keeping them knowledgable. For example post an article on “What you need to know about hand, foot & mouth disease”. Posting infographics or videos on how to keep your kids germ-free would also be helpful and keeps parents engaged on your site. They will more frequently visit your social site for health related topics to keep their kids healthy.   

Following these five tips are a sure way to increase the traffic and engagement on your social site. An act of social presence keeps your new and existing patience happy and informed.


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