Baker Street started as an analog advertising agency in March of 1998 in Opelika, Alabama. Back then the business was named Northstar Advertising, Inc. A strong background in print design and production spurred the business forward. A year in business and a video production arm was built and commercials were airing. Traditional mass marketing was the name of the game. Analytics were a thing of the future and most campaigns were never adequately quantified for effectiveness. With that inadequate data proposition, Baker Street Digital was born. The quest to provide clients with a measurable and evolving campaign system is currently the driving force.

We are still located in Opelika. You see, it isn’t where you are but rather what you can do. And from the small confines of Opelika we can do a lot. Practically the totality of human knowledge can be found with a few keystrokes strung together. We have always felt that small town life frees our minds to think and create. It does.

Our goal is to remain in this small town and reach out to visionary businesses around the world. To collaborate with creative minds and strive to continually learn. Ultimately all of our knowledge combines to provide our clients with big ideas from a small town.


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